Transforming Coach in Turbulent Times

Coach 2016 Swag

Victor Luis on Transforming Coach in Turbulent Times


TSA in the Spotlight This Summer

TSA Viral Video

This article is timely for me. I just experienced the frustration of TSA lines in Orlando last week. They say it will only get worse this summer. The video in this article went viral. Tensions are high when your standing in line for what seems like forever and especially if you miss your flight, all the while, the TSA people are yelling at you to take your shoes off, put your boarding pass and license away, laptops out, bag of liquids out etc.


7 Rules to Live By When You’re Packing a Suitcase

Packing your Suitcase

With as much travel as I do, I’ve experimented with a lot of suitcases and methods of packing. I currently use a combination of rolling my clothes and packing cubes. If you lay each piece of clothing on top of each other and then roll them carefully, they take up less space and stay pretty much wrinkle free. I use my own “packing cubes” that are plastic so nothing leaks out to ruin everything in the suitcase. I do struggle with shoes, who doesn’t? This article I find interesting and helpful and thought these were 7 good rules to follow – and the packing bags are bad either although, this is not an endorsement of the specific products. I’m just sharing the ideas from Budget Travel. Enjoy.