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Travel around the US, travel around the world. It’s all about travel. The best of times and some of the not-so-best of times but it’s all about travel. The location yes, but also the journey.

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It’s the moments I capture in a photo that allow me to visually show my stories of travel and my experiences around this amazing world. I love it!

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I LOVE to find the local places where ever I travel and live the local lifestyle while I’m there. What is trending currently in lifestyle moments around the world? Sometimes, I just want to show you the lifestyle scenes I can capture with my camera!

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I’m an Interior Designer and I love everything about design-not just interiors by architecture, art, everyday design, fashion….everything design! I see amazing design in my travels and try to capture what I see with my camera and share it with you.

About Me

Traveler | Writer | Photographer | Designer | Lover of Life!
Everything you see here is my work, my life, my journey.

I started traveling for work when I was 23 and I've never stopped traveling. It's in my blood, it's who I am. I marvel at every new place I see, every new person I meet and appreciate the familiarity of places when I return. My experiences, through my eyes, through my lens & through my writing.

My Team

I'm a team of one-except for the many people I meet along the way that make it possible for me to travel and explore and have amazing experiences!

Diane Leone

Writer | Traveler | Explorer |
I love life, I love people, I love traveling and I love sharing my adventures with others through various mediums: writing, photography, Facebook, Instagram and more!

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