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Chilling in South Beach, Miami FL
Chilling in South Beach, Miami FL

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My Life Over 50: A Work in Progress

It’s a funny thing, life. I’ve been driven my entire life. I was never one of those kids that knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. I find myself looking back from this point on the journey that has brought me to this point in my life.  And I can’t reconcile that I’m over 50 and yet I feel like I’m 25! I couldn’t have imagined the amazing things that I’ve experienced. Nor the sad experiences, the ugly experiences and the disappointments I have experienced either.

Think about when you were 25 when you felt the world was your oyster, yours to discover. And your life stretched in front of you, waiting to be lived. Often I still feel this way and sometimes I’ll get a reminder that I’m “over fifty” and it always surprises me. “No, I’m not, I’m 25.”

Recently, I had a 6-month long experience I can only explain as life altering and it shook me to my core.  Believe me when I say, I have experienced some stressful things in life so I don’t say this lightly. I started this “journey” with a lot of hope and excitement.  Thinking it would turn out different, I kept a daily journal. I had done my due diligence, as much as possible.  I had no way of knowing this would turn out to be just the opposite of what I had hoped for and expected.

It made me realize that I am a female entrepreneur, over fifty, but I’ve not read much about it.  I want to write about it. So I decided to create a blog and as I struggled with a name I thought,” wait a minute, I HAVE a blog.  I can add a page to it devoted to this topic,” because you know, writers are like that.

So this page title might be a work in progress because I’m still struggling with the “over 50” title. I truly feel like I’m 25. Maybe I’ll find the strength to change this page title. We’ll see, or maybe I will start a brand new blog who knows! A new adventure, but this is my first post on this journey. I’m looking forward to this one. See you soon!