Dublin Ireland-Kickin it!

Dublin Ireland is an amazing place. Ireland is often found on bucket lists and I was there! I don’t know if I had any expectations about Dublin Ireland before I traveled there however, I now have experienced just a bit of it and I’ll tell you, it is wonderful. I was there a little over two weeks and I stayed in Dublin, touted as a “cosmopolitan city” and took some excursions to the country, visiting Howth and Dalkey on a sunny day-one of 3 sunny days the entire two weeks we were there. There are rain showers from no where and you can tell the people who live there because they simply pull their hoods over their heads and don’t miss a beat. Also, if you love outer wear (coats) this is a place for you. I saw incredibly beautiful and stylish outer wear which is apparently needed always. As someone who lives in Florida, I enjoyed the fashion of the outerwear because I don’t have many occasions to wear coats and therefore I don’t invest much money in them. In Dublin, and Ireland in general, outerwear is a mainstay. You never know when it might rain on you!

I’ll be adding more posts about my bucket list experience in Dublin Ireland-stay tuned!


Our Journeys to the “countryside” from Dublin Ireland, started with the trainBeautiful Church in Howth, IrelandBeautiful PlaceThe Church of IrelandEverything in Bloom in Howth IrelandEverything was blooming in Howth, Ireland

The Church of Ireland

Dublin Ireland and basically all of Ireland, is Beautiful and Green



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