Flying is Different These Days

Having spent the week in Raleigh NC, I arrived early at #Charlotte Airport to wait for my flight. Wake up early, return the rental car, arrive 2 hours before flight, go through TSA line-hurry up and wait. I plugged in my computer to catch up on some reading while sitting at the gate. I arrived as the flight before mine was boarding. After everyone was on board, the gate attendant, with a wonderful personality, assisted a few stragglers at the last minute as the made their way to the gate. One of them, a kind of disheveled looking gentleman, rushed to get on the plane. I didn’t think much of it until I saw the same gentleman rush OFF the plane-even then, I thought he must have boarded the wrong plane. I went back to my computer.

A moment later the Pilot and attendant come out of the gate door, followed by all the passengers. They call security-two begin to search for the guy that got off the plane. What I saw next was amazing. The Pilot was calm, as were the passengers, he told them it was probably nothing but he wanted to make sure they were safe and to stay at the gate. Then a team came to search the plane followed by a bomb-sniffing dog. It was all over and passengers boarded again and the plane was off. I have to give kudos to how #DeltaPilot, #Gate Attendant, and #TSA & #Security handled everything. I think all of us just appreciated it. Yes, a new era in airline travel indeed.

"Calm Yet Concerned-Great Job at Gate"

Next, I waited for my flight to arrive. With that, I knew I would be running to make my connecting flight. I tried to check my app to look at the gate situation: what gate would we get off this flight and what gate would I have to find for my next flight but no gate number. I checked until we had to turn our phone to #airplanemode and then just settled in and accepted that I would be running through #Atlanta International Airport on this day.

The gentlemen in the aisle seat and I commented on how it had been years since we had actually sat in a row with an empty seat next to us and this day, the middle seat was empty! A treat!  I then decided to enjoy the fact that we can keep our phones on and I took some photographs and video as we took off. I don’t have music on my phone so normally I would just turn it off anyway to save the battery but I wanted to watch the time.

The Rare "Empty Seat" on a Plan

I enjoyed taking the photos and videos. Here is one of my favorite photos.

Heavenly View from the Sky on Delta



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