Fun in Orlando

No matter how often I find myself in Orlando, I never grow tired of what Orlando has to offer. I find myself, in every city I travel to on a regular basis, finding local places that I enjoy and I go back to visit whenever I am in that city.

Disney World brings back great memories of when my nephews where babies and my sister and I seemed to have all the time in the world to spend a day or two in Disney World. There were a couple of bad experiences but at the end of the day, Disney holds wonderful memories for me. I remember like it was yesterday when we left the park one evening after the fireworks, trying to out run a thunderstorm. My nephew, asleep and my father carrying him all the way as it poured down on us. What a great day.

I love going to Downtown Disney and having lunch at Bongos. I find myself browsing the Disney stores more than actually buying anything these days-still enjoy all the items. I love driving through the town of Celebrations, designed by Disney. It sits in the middle of Orlando like an island from another era.

Ahhh, Orlando, gotta love it.

Bongos Bartender juggling the liquor bottles as he makes mojitos



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