Great Food in Atlanta

There is a fine line between starved and full when the piece of toast you had a 6:30 am has long since worn off and it is 2:30pm in Atlanta & you are sitting in Max’s Pizza looking at the menu.

Upon inquiry I learned there really is a Max but its not the person tossing the pizza dough in the air-it’s the owners 5 year old son who often is found in Max’s running around. That explains the ninja turtle pizza chalkboard mural on the wall!

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming-open kitchen small bar with 2 TV’s (great place to watch the Super Bowl tonight) and rustic meets stainless Steel decor.

The $8.00 glass of Steele Pinot Noir is a small glass-not great for letting wine breathe but the pizza is to die for. Thin crisp crust with fresh tomato sauce and great toppings.
3 slices for lunch and the rest to go for dinner tomorrow night.




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