Luxury in Vero Beach at Costa d’ Este

Lobby View

Some might dismiss COsta d’ Este as unaffordable because it is owned by Gloria Estefan and her husband. However, I had been looking at this resort on Vero Beach in Florida for a while. I was intrigued by the design-I am an Interior Designer-and the allure of this resort. On a recent trip to Key West, we decided to stop in Vero for the weekend on the trip back and experience Costa d’ Este. What a great decision. From the moment we walk in, we are keenly aware that this is like no other resort we have experienced. With a custom scent and amazing decor, we are swept into the experience. The room is the first room that my husband actually spends time in-just being. He normally feels claustrophobic in hotel rooms and finds himself regretting spending the money because “it’s just a place to sleep.” Not here. While I experienced the best facial I can recall in the wonderful spa, he relaxed in the room where the walls are curved and paneled with a contemporary and sleek design.

The spa is the most serene space and I don’t want to leave. It was a bit cold to sit at the pool which was beautiful and right on the ocean however, we spent three days at the resort without ever leaving! The Wave restaurant was incredible. From the unique and delightful Ceviche to the wonderfully cooked steaks, we couldn’t resist dinner there every night.

The staff are all helpful and professional. I grabbed photos of the lobby with a gobo shining the icon of a wonderful flower on the wall and scenes throughout the resort with circles. Apparently Ms. Estefan loves circles and turns out, so do I. This resort is a must experience if you will be in Florida. Tell them Diane Leone says “hello.”


Resort Icon is projected on mesh screen next to Christmas tree in LobbyLobby ViewThe Wave Restaurant EntranceBeautiful circles everywhere in The Wave RestaurantBeautiful rounded wood covered wall of bathroom eludes to the feel of being on the ocean



The Wave Restaurant Entrance



Beautiful rounded wood covered wall of bathroom eludes to the feel of being on the ocean

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