My New Favorite Hotel is in Dublin

When you travel all the time, it’s the little things that make a huge difference. I researched and researched and researched the hotels in Dublin. Having never traveled there before, I was a bit nervous about selecting the right hotel.

Arriving at The Morrison sleep deprived and jet-lagged, we were warmly welcomed. The entire staff was amazing. There are so many people I met and will remember forever. The Manager, Patrick, Assistant Manager Paul who helped me with EVERYTHING I needed-directions, suggestions, water-yes water any time I asked for it. water was mine.

The hotel was recently redesigned so I have to show you the images. The restaurants are beautiful and inspiring as are the staff that work there. Adam, who is headed to America soon; Jessica-from America, on her way to Hawaii next, I think, Gary; Katerina-shy and wonderful and many more. The mornings brought a bounty of warm croissants and breakfast delights in a wonderfully designed soft, bright space with the best staff. A different Katerina and the others there anticipating your every need.

The design is amazing and I scored a beautiful suite with (I think) the only balcony-not a lot of bikini weather this time of year (or any time of year?) in Dublin.

One of my favorite touches: My name on the TV screen every time I turned the TV on-nice.

See the photos and if you find yourself lucky enough to be headed to Dublin-check out The Morrison and stay there!

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