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Evening at Giada’s in Las Vegas

Giada’s restaurant in The Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas is exquisite. We had a table at the window where we could see the fountain show at the Bellagio. The service from Joseph, great and the food, incredible. The “small size” portions are not small but they are amazing.

On the menu for me:

  • Gorgonzola dolce with raw pear honey
  • Parmigiana Reggiano with wild sage honey
  • Prosciutto di Parma buttery, salty & sweet pork

It’s a place I recommend experiencing because of the food and the experience.


Great fresh food

Great fresh food



Fresh and Wonderful

Fresh and Wonderful

Fun "Fresh Pepper Grinder"

Fun “Fresh Pepper Grinder”


Ready for a Pink Kitchen Thanks to Pantone?

As if the Pantone Color of the year (two this year), Rose Quartz wasn’t strange enough, now offered up are pink kitchens! My take on this? A few are cool, but too much pink or the wrong pink and it’s too trendy. Also, I suspect, even if you love pink, you’ll get tired of a pink kitchen very quickly. I recommend splashes of pink in ways you can change easily and inexpensively when you get tired of pink.  What do you think?


Pink Kitchen

Pink Kitchen


Peter Philips at Dior

Peter Philips, iconic makeup artist, has lead at Chanel & now Dior, the two largest fashion companies in the world. I love this iconic photo with a hand made lace mask of Mickey Mouse for the cover of Vogue Magazine in in 2005. Read more about this amazingly creative artist here

Peter Philips & Dior

Peter Philips & Dior

Transforming Coach in Turbulent Times

Victor Luis on Transforming Coach in Turbulent Times


Top Ten Interior Designers in Europe


Inda Mahdavi

10 best interior designers in Europe

Europe is the home of some of the absolutely best interior designers in the world, many of them became internationally recognized icons of the industry, mentors and ultimate taste makers. Take a look at our list 10 best interior designers in Europe, most of them can be also found on the AD top 100 list.”

I never tire of looking at designers’ work from around the world, staying on top of the design trend, and seeing what others are doing and thinking in the design world. This is a great list of great designers in Europe. Enjoy.




The Real Way to Get Upgraded to First Class

Airlines are actually selling their premium first class seats and that means it’s almost impossible to get upgraded these days. Think dressing well, crying, begging or fibbing just a bit will get you an upgrade? Well, those options aren’t in the mix anymore. Airlines have strict rules and empty first class seats go to the people that spend the most money and/or time with the airlines first. Here are the new “real” ways to get upgraded to first class…


50 Top White Armchairs from Modern Chair

Part one of this article shows 25 of the 50 top white armchairs as seen by Modern Chair. Wow, I love them all! I especially loved the following two chairs.

What are your favorites?

Would you ever have a white armchair in your home?

I have a white loveseat in my office and I ADORE it! I can change the colors in the room with throw pillows and the sofa itself makes a statement.

Enjoy part one of this great collection!


this white chair is an Eames lounge chair and the floor lamp is by

this white chair is an Eames lounge chair and the floor lamp is by





TSA in the Spotlight This Summer

This article is timely for me. I just experienced the frustration of TSA lines in Orlando last week. They say it will only get worse this summer. The video in this article went viral. Tensions are high when your standing in line for what seems like forever and especially if you miss your flight, all the while, the TSA people are yelling at you to take your shoes off, put your boarding pass and license away, laptops out, bag of liquids out etc.


7 Rules to Live By When You’re Packing a Suitcase

With as much travel as I do, I’ve experimented with a lot of suitcases and methods of packing. I currently use a combination of rolling my clothes and packing cubes. If you lay each piece of clothing on top of each other and then roll them carefully, they take up less space and stay pretty much wrinkle free. I use my own “packing cubes” that are plastic so nothing leaks out to ruin everything in the suitcase. I do struggle with shoes, who doesn’t? This article I find interesting and helpful and thought these were 7 good rules to follow – and the packing bags are bad either although, this is not an endorsement of the specific products. I’m just sharing the ideas from Budget Travel. Enjoy.



A quaint town in Europe Trémolat, France

Trémolat, France

Trémolat, France


One of the quaintest towns in Europe, Trémolat, France, sits on a horseshoe-shaped bend in the Dordogne River and is dominated by a fortresslike RomanesquOne of the quaintest towns in Europe, Trémolat, Francee church that dates back to the 11th century. But the highlight of the town is farm-to-table restaurant Les Truffières. Yanick Le Goff oversees a classic ferme auberge, a working farm that serves the food it grows. Plates like barbecued duck, garlic-and-goose-fat soup, and house made foie gras are paired with local wines like a lavender-tinged aperitif or a rosé. The surrounding area is best known for its dark oak forests, hillside vineyards, medieval châteaux, Stonehenge-like megaliths, and, of course, the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux with haunting images of bison, horses, and traced human hands estimated to be an astounding 17,000 years old. Read about the 20 quaintest

(Courtesy Janice Bowen)

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