A quaint town in Europe Trémolat, France

Trémolat, France

Trémolat, France


One of the quaintest towns in Europe, Trémolat, France, sits on a horseshoe-shaped bend in the Dordogne River and is dominated by a fortresslike RomanesquOne of the quaintest towns in Europe, Trémolat, Francee church that dates back to the 11th century. But the highlight of the town is farm-to-table restaurant Les Truffières. Yanick Le Goff oversees a classic ferme auberge, a working farm that serves the food it grows. Plates like barbecued duck, garlic-and-goose-fat soup, and house made foie gras are paired with local wines like a lavender-tinged aperitif or a rosé. The surrounding area is best known for its dark oak forests, hillside vineyards, medieval châteaux, Stonehenge-like megaliths, and, of course, the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux with haunting images of bison, horses, and traced human hands estimated to be an astounding 17,000 years old. Read about the 20 quaintest

(Courtesy Janice Bowen)

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