The Milan Furniture Show April 2013

I love that architect, fashion, and interior design has combined for this great show. The contemporary look of the bath in the attached photos is particularly appealing.

No more is the bathroom strictly utilitarian. Increasingly, it is a sanctuary for indulgence, more spa than pit stop on the way to the office or out for the evening.

Design firms are taking note of trend, and have begun to enter one of the fastest-growing luxury furniture sectors, worth 2.8 billion euros globally last year.

Kartell, the Italian design leader, launched its first-ever collection intended for the bathroom, teaming up with the Swiss fixture maker Laufen and designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

“I noticed more than two years ago that the bathroom is becoming more and more important,” said Kartell president Claudio Luti. “Now, people want to find the comfort there that you have in the rest of the house. It becomes total living.”

The Palomba design team used Laufen’s latest technology, a ceramic called SaphirKeramik that is 30 percent lighter and easier to shape, to create graceful bathtubs and washbasins and sanitary fixtures.

The tub and sinks are freestanding and floor-mounted for a clean and spare look. Overflow drains can be hidden, and Kartell has designed colorful disks that fit over external faucets to incorporate utility.

The fixtures are paired with transparent cabinets, shelves, stools and towel racks in Kartell’s signature transparent plastic — also in warm colors like orange and blue — that allow many configurations to customize the space.” Source:

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