Vegas Market Trend: Artist’s Hand

The artist’s stamp, whether by way of signature or slight imperfection, is evident in ARTIST’S HAND, a theme that focuses on all gift and home product categories, especially textiles, accessories, jewelry and furniture. Look for nuance—and perhaps clever and quirky inscriptions—that connect owner and maker.


A theme that is focused on gift and home products, especially textiles, accessories, jewelry and even furniture. It is the Artist’s Hand-they leave their stamp whether it’s their signature or a natural slight imperfection, with clever and even quirky inscriptions.

One Womans Travels Las Vegas Winter 2017 Market Trends

I saw this trending at Highpoint and loved what I saw at #DesignLegacy, a wholesale to the trade company with amazingly unique designs! These items will be great finds to put your own signature on the design in your home.


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